The program was created because we know Low Sexual Desire is not a One Size fits all issue and cannot be resolved using a one size fits all approach.

Is This You?

Then this program is for YOU.

BLOSSOM is a 3 day webinar series for Women who struggle with low sexual desire/libido

This program is designed to help you

Own your Sexual Self & Pleasure

Become Irresistible to your partner

Start enjoying Ecstatic Sex

Resolve low sexual desire

Start desiring Sex

Own the bedroom

This webinar will address low sexual desire intensively and personally , which is why it will run over a 3 day period.

The webinar replay will only be available to those who sign up.

Fee: N30,000

Date: November 13th - 15th, 2020


Is this an online Course?

No, it is not an online course. It’s a webinar.

How will the program be conducted?

The webinar will be conducted via zoom over a 3 day period.

Can Men join?

No, it’s open only to women for now.

Is this a Skill or technique program?

No, this is a webinar designed to address low libido in Women.

Will I have access to the replay?

Participants are advised to join live calls and engage on the platform, however participants will get access to the webinar replay for a one year period.

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