Professional Sex Therapy


Overcome Sexual Anxiety

Many of our clients are afraid that something is wrong with them because they have a lot of sexual anxiety or sex is painful for them. They are afraid they cannot sexually perform, they have no sexual desire, or sex leaves them feeling unfulfilled. We can help you overcome any sexual problem.

Experience Intimacy with Your Partner

Many couples experience low-to-no sex in their relationships. We know it can be difficult to talk about unsatisfying sexual experiences. But you don’t have to end up isolated or disconnected from the one you love. We can help you reconnect with your partner or even connect for the very first time.

Connect Authentically

Many people are ashamed to talk about their TRUE sexual desires but feel desperate for an authentic sexual connection. We provide a safe space for you to discuss your sexual desires, even if you think they are different than everyone else. You may find a path to self-acceptance and expression in a loving and intimate relationship.

Here’s How We Help You Experience the Sexual
Intimacy You Deserve

Explore It

Identifying the problem is the first step to healing. In our initial meeting, we’ll talk through your specific concern in a judgement-free and compassionate environment.

Excavate It

In order to move forward, we EXAMINE the past. In our next meetings, we’ll spend time analyzing your sexual experiences in a caring and sensitive way that bring about new understanding, clarity, and healing.

Execute It

You need to see the possibilities in order to get there. We’ll envision your healthy future and plot your path to success with an implementable plan.

Evaluate It

All along your journey, we will set milestones, so we can know you are making real progress toward your goals.


We are one of the only AASECT therapists in Marietta. But that’s not why hundreds of people have trusted us to to help them build the foundation for the authentic, intimate connections they deserve. We build relationships with our clients based on confidentiality, understanding, and compassion. After 10 years of working with individuals just like you, there’s nothing that will shock us. And there’s no barrier to intimacy that we can’t overcome together.

We’ve seen new relationships, saved relationships, and even pregnancies as a result of working with our clients. You don’t have to feel disconnected one more day. We can help.

What’s My Therapy Investment?

We want you to be comfortable working with us and know you can get results. That’s why your first consultation is free. What would it be worth for you to overcome your sexual fears? What if you could walk into a place of freedom and delight in intimate relationships?

Give us a call today, and we’ll talk you through what it looks like to get on the path to genuine intimacy.


First free consult


Initial Intake Assessment

₦38,000 for singles/₦45,000 for couples

90 mins/120 mins session

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