How to Initiate Sex

Helpful and creative tips for initiating Sex whether you are new to it or already great at it.......
Why should I initiate Sex?

Initiating Sex is important for a healthy and mutually-satisfying sexual relationship. 
While in most relationships one partner tends to have a higher libido than the other, it shouldn’t always be the responsibility of one partner to initiate Sex. 

Initiating Sex makes both partners feel desirable. It really is an ego boost to know you are desirable enough to rouse the libido of your partner.
So it makes sense that a lack of initiation on one partner’s part can cause the other person to feel sexually undesirable.

This article provides helpful, creative tips for initiating Sex whether you are new to it or already great at it.

Send steamy texts to build anticipation.

Sending a steamy text is great if you are anxious about doing it in person. Let your partner know you are thinking about sex, and tell him/her what you’ll like to do to and with them later. It will get their juices flowing!

Give cues

Sexual cues are great if you don’t want to ask for sex verbally. However, cues are most effective when you and your partner understand what they mean. Ambiguous Cues can lead to frustration.

You and your partner could agree on what your sex cues are. E.g leaving a note, putting out an item, turning on a scented candle, rubbing up on your lover naked, fondling, etc.

Ask directly

Of course, a direct approach makes your intention clear. Make this creative and arousing.

Words like, ‘I want to feel your warm and sweet pussy’ ‘I love the feel of your cock and I want to feel you inside me’ can get your spouse hot under the collar.

Get into the role of a masseuse.

Offer your spouse a massage. The idea is to set the stage and build Arousal. Slowly work your way from up to down. chest, belly, inner thighs, genitals, etc. Doing this can turn your spouse on for sex.

It’s important to note that your intentions should be clear. While you can set the mood for Sex with a massage, don’t try to mask your intentions. Be clear. I would love to have sex but let’s set the mood with a massage.

Use sex games to set the stage for sex

There are lots of sex cards and dice that can make initiating sex less awkward.
With sex games, you can have lighthearted fun with your partner that leads to sensual touching and perhaps subsequently intercourse.

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Direct action

Go for gold. For instance, while watching a romantic movie, get things going by caressing your partner (with their permission of course) and see where things lead.
You could also take your partner’s hand and direct it to the part of your body you would like them to caress.

Be open-minded.

If you are going to initiate sex, be open to your partner saying yes or no. Don’t take it personal that your partner is not in the mood when you try to initiate. You can either ask for a better time or ask your spouse what you can do to get them in the mood. 

I hope these tips help you. Don’t be shy! Get creative with the tips suggested and start enjoying a more satisfying Sex life.

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