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A steamy prelude ushers you ....

A few moments later, I whispered, ‘’Come to the back’’ 

Doggy was poison and I knew it. It definitely meant I wanted him to come this time. 

As he rose to position himself behind me, I slid my ass up and arched my back for him. The next thing I felt was his throbbing cock making its way into me. He started to thrust but I took charge. Sliding, rolling, milking his dick and enjoying every inch of him. I could tell he’d finish soon so I stopped.

Oh sweet torture! 

But not for long. I slid forward to lay face down on my belly and invited him to lay on me from behind. 

With his hard cock still fully and deeply buried in my wetness, he lay on me and started to move. This time, it was a dance, a meeting of two masters who took as much as they gave. As he thrust, filling my hunger with his sweet, hard  dick, every thrust met with a pussy that worked its magic and aimed to please.

This time, there was no retreat, only sweet surrender to pleasure as he came inside me and I followed his lead. 

A few moments later, both of us sated and breathless, he looked at me and said, ‘That was amazing’’

.... into an erotic activity

Are there times when you decide to focus on giving or receiving from your lover the sexual experience of a lifetime?

In this chapter, your erotic adventure is to give your lover the amazing treat of focusing your attention fully on him/her.

Here are some tips to help you:

– Start out by connecting with your lover in ways they enjoy. Take them on a date to lunch or dinner, the movies, a nice hotel, or whatever they enjoy.

– After your date together, let them know it’s not all done. There’s more to come.

– Proceed to give your lover a light, relaxing massage.

– Remember, the experience is the focal point, so don’t rush; take your time.

– After giving your lover a light massage, use your body to pleasure them in ways you know they enjoy.

– If intercourse is highly pleasurable for your lover, spend good time fucking his/her brains out with varied sex positions. If they prefer other forms of sex-play, explore those as well. 

– Whatever you do, do it with your lover’s pleasure in mind and show them a really great time.


..... and culminates in a spicy sex position to enjoy with your lover


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