If your partner's penis is too big for you, here are some tips to help you.

What do I do if his penis is too big for me? 

Big penises get great press but the truth is penis size does not dictate how good sex will be and having sex with a bigger than average penis definitely has its challenges. 

If your partner’s penis is too big for you, here are some tips to help you.

Couples who communicate about sex, enjoy better sex. You should not have to endure painful sex and pretend through the sexual experience. Let him know how and where you feel discomfort so he adjusts his thrusts because let’s face it, he could get so carried away with pleasure that he seems oblivious to your discomfort. So let him know! 

Start With lots of Foreplay

Even without having to deal with a big penis, penetration can feel uncomfortable when you are not fully aroused. Talk more of attempting penetration before being fully aroused with a big penis. So prepare your body by engaging in pleasurable activities like kissing, stroking, touching, and other forms of sex play that arouse you. The more relaxed and aroused you are, the easier it will be to receive his cock. 

Lube is a must

When your partner has a large penis, using lube on your vulva, in your vagina, and on his penis can aid painless entry and make sex better. Even if your natural lubrication works fine, using extra lubrication to aid comfort when taking in a big cock never hurts. 

Take it slow.

Sex with a big penis may require more finesse than usual. So you want to take things slow and allow intercourse to proceed at a more languid pace. After foreplay and applying lube, have him penetrate with the tip first. Breathe, relax and give yourself some time to get accustomed to having just the tip before he goes in a little deeper. Take him in inch by inch till you are either able to take him in fully or get to the point where you can’t go further. Either way, stay within the point of comfort and enjoy him thrusting to that point. Remember to breathe, relax and take it slow. 

Find the right positions

The right position can do wonders when it comes to sex with a big penis and the wrong position can cause you pain. So explore the best position for you. Doggy style is notorious for encouraging deep penetration BUT you can still achieve shallow penetration in the doggy position (just make sure your man doesn’t get carried away).

Explore positions that put you in control so you can dictate the speed and depth of thrusting. Positions like spooning, woman on top, and some versions of the doggy style such as lying doggy, make it easy to control the depth of thrusting.

I hope these tips help you enjoy sex with a big penis. Remember, communication is important. Help your partner understand that while his penis isn’t a problem, mutual sexual pleasure is a must, and finding what works is important to achieve mutual pleasure.

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